Waugh Thistleton Architects

Generic Offices   2024
Chobham Village   2024
Startwell   2024
One Maidenhead CLT Consented 2023
The Black & White Building CLT The Office Group Commercial Completed 2022
MIND Westgate CLT Lendlease Mixed use Planning 2022
Stora Enso   Commercial Concept 2021
Osier Way   Pocket Living Completed 2021
16 Orsman Road CLT Southern Grove Commercial Planning 2021
Kennaway Estate   Southern Housing Group Tender 2021
Årstafältet   Folkhem Planning 2020
GotlandsHem CLT GotlandsHem Residential Competition 2020
Anthony Timberlands Center   Community Competition 2020
Trenezia CLT BOB BBL Masterplan Concept 2019
The Green House CLT Ethical Property Commercial Completed 2019
Watts Grove CLT Swan Housing Residential Construction 2020
Euston Tower CLT British Land Concept 2018
Aubervilliers CLT Interconstruction Residential Construction 2019
MultiPly CLT AHEC Leisure Construction 2018-19
Sugar House Island CLT Vastint Mixed use Completed 2022
6 Orsman Road CLT British Land Commercial Construction 2020
Pitfield Street CLT Garfwish Limited Mixed use Completed 2020
West Brompton Crossing   Capco Commercial Completed 2017
Bushey Cemetery   United Synagogues Community Completed 2017
Vitsoe CLT Vitsoe Commercial Completed 2017
Arstafaltet competition CLT Folkhem Residential Concept 2017
106 Lewes Road CLT McLaren Residential Completed 2017
Dalston Works CLT Regal Homes Residential Completed 2017
Gray's Inn Road   Regal Homes Residential Completed 2017
Woodberry Down CLT Berkeley Homes Residential Completed 2016
Development House CLT Ethical Property Commercial Concept 2016
Leonard Street   Urban Edge Group Mixed use Completed 2015
Curtain Place CLT Gold Section Homes Commercial Completed 2015
Mions   Porte des Alpes Residential Completed 2014
Whitmore Road CLT Private Client Mixed use Completed 2012
British Business Embassy CLT UK Trade & Investment Commercial Completed 2012
Tramshed   Mark Hix Leisure Completed 2012
Murray Grove CLT Telford Homes Residential Completed 2009
Leaside Road   Metropolitan Housing Trust Residential Completed 2009
Phipp Street   Reichmann Properties Mixed use Completed 2008