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Kennaway Estate 1
Kennaway Estate 2




May 2021


Southern Housing Group



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Concept to Completion

The Kennaway Estate was originally built in the 1970s and is situated in a prominent location opposite a much loved local park in Stoke Newington. A little outdated and tired, this design reinvigorates the sense of place, which had been gradually eroded over the years, whilst increasing density, providing an additional 61 homes.


Working with existing buildings, assets and communities requires sensitivity. While places may appear unloved, they have personal value to the inhabitants whose lives are embedded within them. As such genuine and meaningful community consultation is key to unlocking successful designs.

Extensive public consultation has led to the creation of a scheme that respects the needs of estate residents, the local community, and reflects the architectural character of the area.


Comprising three distinct volumes linked by external walkways, and supplemented with a row of townhouses, the development’s materials and detailing take their inspiration from buildings within the adjacent conservation area. 

The buildings provide a mix of one to four bedroom homes, available through shared ownership and social rent. Twenty-four private one and two bed apartments are being built to fund the redevelopment.


The new estate-wide landscape design incorporates play space, allotments, and private and communal areas that compliment ancillary community and workshop accommodation, and cater to the varied needs of existing and future residents.