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December 2021

RIBA workstages


In collaboration with Stora Enso we have developed a series of structural systems that can be used to deliver industrial buildings which can accomodate various span and load requirements.

The buildings have spans ranging from 12 to 36 metres ensuring there is an appropriate solution for a range of industrial operations from small industrial units to large warehouse distribution centres.

Each of the systems is designed to be modular and flexible so they can be easily adapted to suit individual business requirements. Designed for disassembly and reassembly they can even be relocated.

The individual elements of each of the systems have been optimised to minimise the components required and facilitate efficient erection on site.

Optimisation of material, efficiency of design and the use of timber as the primary structural material has resulted in an estimated 30% lower embodied carbon when compared to the EU benchmark for equivalent building.  

Detailed information about the series of systems can be seen on the Stora Enso website.