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Bergen, Norway


July 2019



RIBA workstages


Trenezia is a visionary project in Norway to create a zero carbon community of 1,500 homes and a cultural hub on Store Lungegårdsvann lake in Bergen.

The population of central Bergen is decreasing, with people moving to the outskirts to live in suburban family homes. As a result, the city centre is in decline, with shops and restaurants struggling for business.

The 7 mountains surrounding the city limit the potential for development near the centre. However, perfectly placed between the historic town and the new cultural arts hub to the east, the Store Lungegårdsvannet Lake is the ideal site for a new cultural and residential centre.

Trenezia is a masterplan that unites these two areas and brings exciting new public spaces to the city. This will be a zero carbon community for all. A new boardwalk spanning the lake forms the central spine of the project; a place for activity and interaction with a swimming pool, sailing club, performance spaces, cafes and shops along its shore.

Behind the boardwalk a new residential area offers a diverse range of new homes, catering to the different needs of young families, students and the elderly, creating a space for a new, inter-generational community to establish.

The masterplan by virtue of its form, responds to the local climate through the creation of solar corridors through the site to maximise sunlight and daylight into every home. Residential fingers are separated by canals with individual and communal boat moorings and pontoons for residents, creating a comfortable environment where people can be healthy, happy and productive.

Trenezia is an exemplar of environmental design. Made from state of the art timber construction, CO2 emissions from the construction and during the lifetime of the project will be minimised. The environmentally responsive design, low energy consumption, low water consumption and low waste generation form the pillars of the technical design.

Trenezia is a world class demonstration of how to build in a truly sustainable way both environmentally and socially, representing a microcosm of the vision for Bergen as a leading sustainable capital in the world.