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Aubervilliers, France





RIBA workstages

Concept to Completion

We won this project in an open competition for low cost housing developments to regenerate an up and coming suburb of Paris. The local developer selected the timber development for its sustainable construction and the space it offers for the existing community to thrive and grow.


To establish an urban continuity the development is permeated with well lit streets, alleys, courtyards and open landscaped squares. It also features a series of gardens, tailored to children, teenagers and the elderly to foster a fully inclusive sense of community.


The six low and medium rise housing blocks are designed in response to the stratification of the space, and provide apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, all with dual aspect living spaces. Constructed from prefabricated timber frames and CLT panels, each building features large terraces at roof level, and timber facades to soften the aesthetic of the surrounding built environment.


The buildings have sloped roofs, orientated to the south to optimise potential solar panel performance. Clad in zinc – a locally prevalent, recyclable metal, the rooftops recreate a traditional milieu.