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July 2021


The Office Group

RIBA workstages

Planning to Completion

The simplicity of this fully engineered timber office building belies its groundbreaking innovation. Setting a powerful sustainable agenda with only 256kgCO2e/m2 embodied carbon (A1-A5 including sequestered), material use has been optimised. Each component is designed to be as efficient as possible, resulting in an honest design without excess.

Designed to offer flexible, shared workspace to companies this modest yet significant building with a powerful sustainable agenda will be the tallest engineered timber office building in London when it is completed in early 2022.

A hybrid structure comprising a beech LVL frame with CLT slabs and core has been designed to create vast open workspaces. With no structural internal partition walls and the MEP carefully co-ordinated to minimise visual intrusion, the layout can be easily adapted as future demands change.

The state of the art timber structure is framed by the glazed curtain wall, with solar shading provided by a second skin of vertical timber louvres. A parametric model simulating the movement and impact of sun against the façade determines the layout and form of the louvres, demonstrating how timber, combined with cutting edge digital analysis of environmental performance, can result in a truly 21st century building.