Waugh Thistleton Architects

Euston Tower 1
Euston Tower 2
Euston Tower 3


North London


December 2018


British Land

RIBA workstages


Our ambition is to create a beautiful and innovative building, that embodies values of sustainability and social conscience through three principal ideas: innovation, human experience and public engagement. These will form the foundations that will draw people to the building and create a community from within it. Lightweight and adaptable to a changing climate, easily tailored to people’s needs, Euston Tower will be a fair and democratic building for the next 50 years.

Making best use of the existing building, the new Euston Tower will re-use the existing frame, complementing it with a new low carbon engineered timber structure.

The scheme will create a healthy, accessible and enjoyable environment on the ground level of Regent’s Place; reinvigorate the ground and basement by providing shops and cafes for local businesses and establish a new Euston market. Opportunities will be provided for community learning. Porous and accessible podium levels and a publicly accessed swimming- pool on the roof will allow Regent’s Place to share the amazing views of London with the people of the city.

The proposal challenges the concept of future office space with human experience and engagement at its centre. As well as enhanced daylight and views out, the building will provide an ecosystem of spaces, amenity and break-out, that will encourage moments of connection, bustle and reflection. Nature will be at the centre of the building, manifested through the timber structure and large green spaces. Double height spaces are created at two opposing corners of the floorplate to establish wintergardens. These spaces offer the opportunity to introduce staircases to connect tenancies vertically, increasing flexibility. Dramatically improving the daylight conditions, the wintergardens will transform the overall quality of the floors by offering break-out spaces with a connection to nature.

At the top of the building, is the tower’s principal attraction: a public swimming pool complemented with a cafe, pop-up food and retail stalls and an exhibition space for local artists. The pool is open to Camden’s schools so that children of the borough can benefit from the amazing views to the city, helping expand their horizons.

Our proposal for Euston Tower is an ambitious, exciting and democratic building for the 21st century. A building that minimises its impact on the environment, connects people with nature and provides a beautiful and inspiring piece of architecture for the future of London. 55,300 m2 (net) of high quality, flexible, and ambitious office space will provide an inspiring environment for a range of occupiers. The new tower will act as a beacon not only for the Regent’s Place campus but for the whole city; it will be the greenest building for work in the world.