Waugh Thistleton Architects

West Brompton Crossing 1
West Brompton Crossing 2
West Brompton Crossing 3
West Brompton Crossing 4


Earls Court, London


November 2017



RIBA workstages

Concept to Completion

Waugh Thistleton have developed a design for a pop-up high street to temporarily occupy a parade of vacant shops and rear garden on Lillie Road, West London. The site is located next to the Earls Court Masterplan, one of London’s most important development opportunities.


Appointed to deliver the design strategy for the overall site we devised the concept for the street facades of the two Victorian blocks.

The eastern side of the road has been converted into a strip of restaurants. A new two-storey timber platform, added to the rear of the buildings on the eastern side of the road, provides a shared terrace overlooking the woodland garden and can be accessed via all of the restaurants. 

The western side of the road will be let to independent retailers.

The pop-up high street will be managed on a rotational tenancy basis to serve the local community and attract new visitors to the area.


A simplified palette of low cost materials has been used to create a distinct streetscape. Graphic paintwork and uniformed signage create an impactful, yet familiar streetscape appropriate for the West London location.


West Brompton Crossing will open in 2 phases, with the first phase opening on the 16th November, and the second in early 2018.

This temporary shopping street will operate until late 2019 while the permanent proposals for the re-development are advanced.