Waugh Thistleton Architects

 The Times: "Best Eco Building Designs” 1

With the UK committed to becoming ‘carbon net zero’ by 2050, Jonathan Morrison looks at the environmentally friendly design tricks that will help to get us there, sighting both WTA’s strong advocacy for timber, and Bushey Cemetery as exemplar new approaches with great green credentials.

As the article states; “Nothing else comes close to timber,” says Andrew Waugh, of Waugh Thistleton, one of the leading sustainable design practices. “We’ll never get to zero carbon using concrete and steel. We’re facing a once-in-a-species event and timber is the only true carbon sink. I can’t see an alternative.”

Trees, which are about 70 per cent carbon, capture CO2 from the atmosphere and transform it into biomass through photosynthesis. That carbon is still locked away if the tree is used for construction and any replacement trees sequester more.

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