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Our first publication, A Process Revealed, tells the story of the conception, design, manufacture, and building of Murray Grove in 2009. A residential building comprising both affordable and market housing and located in East London, this 9-storey tower was, at the time of completion, the world’s tallest timber structure.  

‘A Process Revealed’ explains in detail how the entire team worked closely to deliver this innovative new prototype of urban vernacular architecture. Comprised of an entirely wooden structure from the first floor up, Murray Grove’s Cross-Laminated-Timber construction pushed the contemporary boundaries of timber design and has had a profound effect on how architects across the world are responding to the carbon crisis. 

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Murray Grove facade

We wrote this book for anyone interested in how to build with this versatile and environmentally friendly material, providing a detailed step-by-step guide on how London’s first CLT tower was designed and delivered, on budget and on time. Since its completion, Murray Grove has had an extraordinary impact on the advancement of timber architecture globally. This modest community housing scheme continues to be featured in publications, exhibitions, and conferences around the world, setting a powerful precedent for the decarbonisation of the construction industry through sensitive and regenerative design. A Process Revealed is the first of many publications we have produced and contributed to that hope to inspire positive change in our industry by demystifying and providing guidance on how to build in wood. 

Murray Grove set a powerful statement of intent for our future, putting us on a course that has shaped both the ethos of our practice and the future of sustainable architecture in the UK and beyond. The winner of the RIBA Presidents Medal for Research in 2009, A Process Revealed tells the story of how we started on this incredible journey, and the academic and technological research that has earned us an international reputation as pioneers of sustainable and timber architecture. 

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Murray Grove structural core

Produced in collaboration with Waugh Thistleton Architects and KLH UK, written by Henrietta Thompson. A Process Revealed is printed in both English and German and published by Fuel. 

Read the full publication here.