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Timber arrives for Build in Wood! 1
Timber arrives for Build in Wood! 2
Timber arrives for Build in Wood! 3

The "Build-in-Wood Demonstrator", a novel test and demonstration facility, is currently under construction at the Danish Technological Institute, just outside of Copenhagen. This initiative is a beacon of innovation and collaboration, spearheaded by an EU-supported Horizon 2020 project that unites 21 partners from across the spectrum of wood construction.

The Build-in-Wood demonstrator is the culmination of collective innovation from partners across Europe with the shared vision of pushing the boundaries of timber construction. Crafted from glulam columns and beams, CLT floor slabs, and lightweight façade elements, it stands as a testament to the future of timber construction.

The Demonstrator is set to serve as a living laboratory for the Build-in-Wood system. It offers a unique platform for industry stakeholders to explore and evaluate innovative building materials, components, and systems in real-world conditions. From acoustics and indoor climate to insulation efficiency and moisture resistance, the project aims to gather invaluable data that could revolutionize how we build with wood, to help identify and create solutions towards the barriers facing the widespread adoption of timber design. 

In the words of Build-in-Wood, 'as we stand on the cusp of a sustainable construction revolution, the Build-in-Wood Demonstrator is not just building a structure; it's building a future. A future where timber leads the way in green building practices, heralding an era of eco-friendly, innovative construction that benefits our planet and its people'.

For more information, head over to the Build-in-Wood website.