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We're thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of the "Build-in-Wood Demonstrator" building in Taastrup, Denmark, just outside of Copenhagen.

This innovative test and demonstration building springs from the collaborative efforts of the EU-supported Build-in-Wood Horizon 2020 project, featuring 21 partners dedicated to revolutionizing wood construction.

Spanning 340 m² across two floors, the demonstrator showcases a pioneering building system designed for the future. It employs glulam columns and beams, CLT floor slabs, and lightweight wooden façade elements, embodying the essence of sustainable and flexible construction.

The Build-in-Wood system is a vision for multi-story residential and commercial buildings across Europe, offering solutions to challenges like fire safety, moisture, and acoustics. This prototype will serve as a vital testing ground, offering insights into acoustics, indoor climate, insulation performance, and more. It emphasizes the potential of wood and bio-based materials in reducing carbon emissions and advancing the construction sector towards a greener future.

Bringing together a consortium of experts from across the wood-value chain, Build in Wood marks an incredible step forward in our transition to a green construction industry. To read more about our role in the project and what it means for the future of mass-timber construction, see here.

Building owner: Danish Technological Institute (DK) 
Architect: Waugh Thistleton Architects (UK) 
Contractor: Adserballe & Knudsen A/S (DK) 
Construction Start: February 2024 
Estimated construction period: 6 months