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If you're at Footprint + this week make sure you catch one of our sessions. First up we have one of our resident timber experts Alastair Ogle, discussing the work we have done on The New Model Building.

The New Model Building is the outcome of a research project supported by Built by Nature which explains how engineered timber can be used to construct multistorey residential buildings, in full compliance with UK building regulations.

A suite of documents are available to assist design teams to successfully deliver engineered timber buildings. Focusing on the key areas of fire strategy and moisture management, the documents draw attention to primary considerations, and propose design principles that should be adhered to, showcasing an exemplar methodology for building residential developments in a climate emergency.

Alastair will be joined at Footprint + by pre-eminent fire engineer Professor Jose Torero and Buro Happold's Technical Director, Jonathan Roynon.

The New Model Building will be discussed at 2pm on the Timber Stage.