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Hackney, London




Pocket Living


£3.1 million

RIBA workstages

Concept to Completion


Evening Standard New Homes 2016

This compact scheme provides affordable starter homes for specialist developer Pocket Living, exemplifying the ethos that high density housing can employ natural materials, a human scale and a generosity of communal spaces


Thirty one homes are arranged in four blocks, rising from four to five stories, around a landscaped courtyard, which forms the heart of the scheme. Apartments are accessed via external walkways organised around this communal outdoor space.

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Plan of a typical one bedroom Pocket flat


All four corners of the development are open, letting sunlight into the courtyard, and preserving long views across the development. Single storey entrance spaces between the two halves of the development reinforce the importance of natural light. 

The blocks are clad in robust London stock brick, complemented by slatted timber circulation spaces, which allow natural light and air circulation at the same time as providing a sense of privacy and enclosure from the elements. Against this earthy material palette the balustrades, staircases and signage are articulated in standout London bus red.