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Wood Awards 2019

MultiPly is a maze-like series of interconnected spaces that overlap and intertwine designed to encourage visitors to re-think the way we build our homes and cities. The 9-metre high American tulipwood installation leads visitors through a series of stairs, corridors and open spaces inviting them to explore the potential of wood in architecture.

The project confronts two of the current age’s biggest challenges – the pressing need for housing and the urgency to fight climate change, and presents the fusion of modular systems and sustainable construction materials as a solution.

The three-dimensional structure will be built using a flexible system, comprised of 17 modules of American tulipwood cross- laminated timber (CLT) with digitally fabricated joints.

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Like a piece of flat-packed furniture, MultiPly will arrive as a kit of parts and will be simply and quietly assembled in under a week. Because it is built out of modules, it can be taken apart and reassembled in a new home after the London Design Festival.