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The former Jewish burial site, which dates back to 1788, is set alongside Lauriston Road and Victoria Park. The new modern multi-purpose building will cater to the needs of the expanding local Jewish community, serving as a communal space and a forum to inspire dialogue about the Jewish religion and culture with new audiences.

The building is constructed from engineered timber, referencing traditional timber Eastern European Ashkenazi synagogues, while using modern construction methods that allow for the frame to be prefabricated and assembled on site.

The form and internal layout of the building are defined by the requirements of the Jewish faith, with prominent positions given to the Ark, which faces Jerusalem, and the Bimah, the podium from which the Torah is read.

The new prayer hall is an adaptable space that can be reconfigured to suit the needs of the congregation, or to provide educational and event space for use by local schools and community groups.

The new prayer hall sensitively extends the existing Victorian lodge into the adjacent cemetery. Wrapped with black timber cladding, to help embed the new structure into its setting, the lightweight timber frame will remain exposed, providing a visual link to the woodland backdrop.