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Hackney, London




Ethical Property

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Concept to Completion

This environmentally exemplary new office space will replace a disused and derelict 1962 office block with a modern and flexible workspace for up to 25 charities to work under the same roof, sharing generous communal facilities and community spaces.


Recycling and refurbishing the existing concrete structure, and taking advantage of its existing thermal mass, we will use the low-weight, high-quality structural properties of CLT construction to significantly extend the internal space, increasing it to 50,000 sq ft.

As well as providing a new dynamic frontage onto Cambridge Heath Road, the extension to the front of the building will facilitate the passive regulation of noise, heating, sunlight and ventilation. The extension to the back of the building will provide a new services core, whilst a single-storey rooftop extension will create additional workspaces with uninterrupted views over the city.


The building will have a flexible internal layout to accommodate different sized organizations, and a main atrium at its centre to enhance its networking community. The atrium’s timber-structure and lime render will ensure optimum lightness, spaciousness and breathability, while its curtain walling will further reduce the building’s carbon footprint.