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10 Paul Street 1
10 Paul Street 2




September 2016



RIBA workstages

Technical design to completion

8-10 Paul Street is located in the South Shoreditch Conservation Area. The site was previously occupied by a two storey office block with car parking facilities. Our proposal will replace this with a six to eight part storey hotel and small bar/restaurant, designed with consideration to the unique urban context of the area.


The new hotel draws inspiration from the traditional warehouse and modern city buildings found in proximity to the site and its massing carefully relates to this. The building is divided into distinct volumes, breaking down the overall volume facing Paul Street.

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Typical floor plan


The bedrooms are organised around a C-shaped circulation zone creating a south facing courtyard. The external courtyard serves as a communal space for the benefit of hotel residents and public who use the bar and restaurant, with the facade treatment used to create an intimate and inviting space.

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Internal courtyard


Overall a considered range of materials will be used externally on the building: patterned tiles and timber windows in the courtyard; brickwork for the taller vertical block; and ceramic tile cladding the 2 smaller blocks.

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Materiality study